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Lifetime Warranty

Honest, Clear and Simple.

That’s what Lifetime Warranty is about. You know what to expect from us and our products and we trust you to deliver great results using these products. If something does go wrong in the process, we help each other. This has always been the case, with or without Lifetime Warranty.

However, we would like to enable you to extend that message to your customers. They know where to find you and to trust you, but is that true for new customers out there? Use our Lifetime Warranty program to show the outside world you deliver quality work, because even if something goes wrong, they know you are supported by a great paint brand.

We promise to deliver the materials and support you need to deliver this message and to keep your promises to your customers.

Talk to your sales representative about the possibility of joining this program today. Once ready, click this button to apply. Note that your application is subject to approval by your sales representative and that conditions apply.

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Lesonal Lifetime Warranty
Expect perfection and demand nothing less. In the process of painting your car the best products available in the market are used. That’s Lesonal, and Lesonal only: a compact range of superior quality products.

Carefully applied, the result should be flawless and stay flawless for as long as your car is on the road. Lesonal takes responsibility for both the product and the workmanship. If you experience any imperfections, we will immediately refund all costs involved.

It’s as simple as that.

We call it the Lesonal Lifetime Warranty.


Already a member and encountered a repair issue? Please click the button below to notify us of the details of your situation before taking further action. We promise to follow up on your complaint honest, clear and simple, by contacting you to decide on next steps as soon as possible.

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